The housing 503B is suitable for Domotics, where local terminals are installed in the wall like an usual wall-mounted socket or switch. This Series consists of a bottom and a front panel, to be mounted  in any wall-plate compatible with BTicino (Living).  Hollow front panel, for a polycarbonate film or an adhesive label. The Series 503 is  useful for light dimmers, clima units, ambient heating controls, 24 h timers, and electronic units for display and control. This Series is  suited for application in CIVIL, MARINE and HOTEL environment.  Made of Blend PC/ABS  (on request UL94V0), in black, white, grey.
The enclosures of Series 503B are also available for applications requiring an setting knob on the front. The knob has a standard 28 mm diameter, on request with a plastic shaft for single turn trimmer or potentiometer for printed circuit board mounting. The knob is mounted from the inner of the enclosure. Made of Blend PC/ABS (on request UL94V0), in white (grey, black).

S503 B