The enclosure of Series ST (ST..90, 110, 130, 160) are foreseen for Ambient Control, Domotics and Telecomm. They are available in blind version or with adjustment knob, side vented , front vented, and through-vented, depending on versions.
Base and cover are snap-on, with the possibility of locking screws. The enclosure can house one upper pcb, and one or more lower pcb in the base.
Hollow front for polycarbonate or adhesive label.
All the enclosure are suitable for mounting on box 502 (60 mm), both vertical and horizontal, and some of them on box 503 (83.5 mm), horizontal.
Two additional holes are intended for wall mounting and do not interfere with p.c.b. The pre-punched centre hole in the base, with a 28 mm dia., allows for a comfortable path for cabling conductors.




APST 90..130
S 503
S 502